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[ferret_users] Re: Weekly to yearly average

Hi Dona, asking questions / answering in users list is good, and this will be appreciated, but send only to ferret_users@xxxxxxxx please do not send to others & do not use even cc in future, I am traveling to somewhere, so  sorry I won't be able answer to now, I wish others will help you. 

Thank you,

Akshay Hegde,
The Unix and Linux Forum Users.

On Fri, Feb 28, 2014 at 7:24 PM, Don DNA <don_vbe@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi ferret users

I need help, I am having data like this, I want to create make yearly average so that I will have l=1:20 of only 20 years, how this can be done ? please someone help me..

U        U-Component Geostrophic Current  1:201     1:141     ...       1:1068    ...       ...
V        V-Component Geostrophic Current  1:201     1:141     ...       1:1068    ...       ...
 sh g u
 name       axis              # pts   start                end
 LON_UV41_241 LONGITUDE       201mr   20E                  120E
 LAT_UV51_191 LATITUDE        141 r   40S                  30N
 normal    Z
 TIME      TIME              1068 i   08-OCT-1992 00:00    21-MAR-2013 00:00
 normal    E
 normal    F

list/l=1:5 t[g=u]
             VARIABLE : T
                        axis TIME
             FILENAME :  current.nc
             SUBSET   : 5 points (TIME)
 08-OCT-1992 00 / 1:  70407.
 15-OCT-1992 00 / 2:  70414.
 22-OCT-1992 00 / 3:  70421.
 29-OCT-1992 00 / 4:  70428.
 05-NOV-1992 00 / 5:  70435.

and I seen following post


which one I should follow to compute volume transport , I never done before.. I tried like this got error

list v[x=20:100@din,y=5,l=5]
             VARIABLE : V-Component Geostrophic Currents (centimeter second-1)
             FILENAME :  current.nc
             LONGITUDE: 20E to 100E (integrated)
             LATITUDE : 5N
             TIME     : 05-NOV-1992 00:00

yes? list v[x=20:100@din,y=y[g=u],l=5]
 **ERROR: command syntax: Y[G=U]

Thank you so much all.


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