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[ferret_users] Re: Weekly to yearly average

Hi Don,
I'd suggest writing a separate post for each question if you have more than one thing to ask. That way the answer to one question doesn't get lost.

For yearly averages, define your desired output yearly time axis, probably using the "DEFINE AXIS/EDGES" qualifier so that each grid cell starts at the beginning of the year and ends at the end of the year.  Then use the @AVE regridding transformation to put your variables onto that yearly axis.


On 2/28/2014 5:54 AM, Don DNA wrote:
Hi ferret users

I need help, I am having data like this, I want to create make yearly average so that I will have l=1:20 of only 20 years, how this can be done ? please someone help me..

U        U-Component Geostrophic Current  1:201     1:141     ...       1:1068    ...       ...
V        V-Component Geostrophic Current  1:201     1:141     ...       1:1068    ...       ...
 sh g u
 name       axis              # pts   start                end
 LON_UV41_241 LONGITUDE       201mr   20E                  120E
 LAT_UV51_191 LATITUDE        141 r   40S                  30N
 normal    Z
 TIME      TIME              1068 i   08-OCT-1992 00:00    21-MAR-2013 00:00
 normal    E
 normal    F

list/l=1:5 t[g=u]
             VARIABLE : T
                        axis TIME
             FILENAME :  current.nc
             SUBSET   : 5 points (TIME)
 08-OCT-1992 00 / 1:  70407.
 15-OCT-1992 00 / 2:  70414.
 22-OCT-1992 00 / 3:  70421.
 29-OCT-1992 00 / 4:  70428.
 05-NOV-1992 00 / 5:  70435.

and I seen following post


which one I should follow to compute volume transport , I never done before.. I tried like this got error

list v[x=20:100@din,y=5,l=5]
             VARIABLE : V-Component Geostrophic Currents (centimeter second-1)
             FILENAME :  current.nc
             LONGITUDE: 20E to 100E (integrated)
             LATITUDE : 5N
             TIME     : 05-NOV-1992 00:00

yes? list v[x=20:100@din,y=y[g=u],l=5]
 **ERROR: command syntax: Y[G=U]

Thank you so much all.


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