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[ferret_users] RE: point selection & dimension removel

Dear All,


I cam up with a solution. Turns out, it is not so difficult:

let las=xsequence(latitude_map) – latitude map needs to have a missing value for ocean

then sort it:

let lasi=sorti(las)  and you get the sorted indecies.

Pick out the land points (npts points):

let lats=sampli(las,lasi[1:npts])


Anything more direct would be brilliant, but that should work.

Thank you all,





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I have the following problem:

I have a grid with land and ocean points. I want to pick out the land points and unravel them on a 1 dimensional vector. I have a land sea mask, and I can generate lats and lons as 2 dimensional fields, e.g. see the map of the latitudes below.


I know how many points overall on the grid and how many land points.


I can do an xsequence on the latitude field, but the results still contains the missing values from the ocean areas. Ideally, I would like just to forget about them.

I guess I could also do an reshape, but that would have the same problem, no?


Any suggestions most appreciated!


Thank you very much,









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