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Re: [ferret_users] label with line break and degree-sign

Hi Franziska,
You're running an older version of Ferret (v6.1).  The script you sent works correctly with no extra degree signs in more-recent versions of Ferret. If you can upgrade to the current release, that would solve things.


On 11/18/2013 5:46 AM, Franziska Schwarzkopf wrote:

On 11/14/2013 07:48 PM, Schwarzkopf, Franziska wrote:
Dear all,

I tried to creat a lable including line breaks (<nl>) and degree signs (° @ca09). Line breaks work fine but as soon as ° is introduced, the first sign in each following line is °.

I tested ferret versions 6.1, 6.72 and 6.82, all leading to the same result (see code and figure below).

Is there a way to get rid of the odd °s, except for separating the text into several labels, what would force me to define the distance between consecutive lines?

Thank you!
Franziska Schwarzkopf

yes? plot/i=1:100 i
yes? label 10,90,,,text in first line<nl>text in second line<nl>text in third line
yes? label 55,35,,,text with @ca09@sr sign<nl>text in second line<nl>text in third line

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