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[ferret_users] animation on the fly with linux


this question reopens an old thread. With the latest releases of Suse -linux (11.4) it is impossible to get the animation on the fly working. If BackingStore is disabled, ferret issues
an error message as it should be the case. However, putting a line

Option   "BackingStore" "True"

into the configuration file, that has the Device configuration, 50-screen.conf, (with Suse 11 X11-configuration is completely changed) the error message disappears, but an animation starts with a correct screen followed by a sequence
of white screens.

xdpyinfo gives
options:    backing-store YES, save-unders NO

There is not way to switch save-under to Yes. (Kevins advise) This option is completely undocumented with new linux distributions. The man page of Xserver offer -su to switch off save under. Nothing is said, how to switch it on. At some
linux websites it is described as old. As a guess

Option   "SaveUnders" "True"

does not help.

Running ferret locally on this machine gives the reported errors - one correct screen and a sequence of white screen.

Logging at this machine from another one that has a Xserver running with backinstore, xdpyinfo gives now
(at the same machine like before)

options:    backing-store YES, save-unders YES

(The local machine uses AIX 5.3, option -bs in xserverrc)

Hence, the remote (Linux) Xserver gets its information correctly
from the local (AIX) one and ferret works as it should do. So it seems not to be a ferret or simple Xserver problem.

I know, there are workarounds with whirlgif or imagemagic .....

Asking Google brings up a lot of half information. Most people give advise like "switch on backingstore" and are of little help. Also grads and idl seem to have a similar problem. In another context Nvidia-driver installation
is reported as an error source.

So my question: does anyone have a running system on a local machine:
- new linux
- recent ferret
- animation on the fly works

It would be great to learn, what to do to get animation running.

Many thanks,

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