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[ferret_users] Taylor diagram with RMSE ?

Hi ferreters,


I have done some Taylor diagrams with the ferret scripts from Patrick Brockmann (taylor_frame.jnl and taylor_polymark.jnl I think).

The Ferret web site page for the taylor diagram is:



I attach an example: taylor_diag_ferret_script_example.jpg (jpg not very good, but just to show).


Unfortunately, I didn’t find how to add the RMSE on the Taylor diagram.

Is it possible de add the RMSE semicircles on a Taylor diagram with Ferret? Has anybody already done that?

I attach an example done with Matlab: taylor_diag_rmse_example.jpg


Many thanks!




Dr Marina Chifflet

AZTI - Tecnalia / Marine research Division
Herrera Kaia Portualde z/g
20110 Pasaia (Gipuzkoa) - Spain
Tel: 943 00 48 00 (ext. 890) - Fax: 946 572 555
www.azti.es ; www.tecnalia.info


Attachment: taylor_diag_ferret_script_example.jpg
Description: taylor_diag_ferret_script_example.jpg

Attachment: taylor_diag_rmse_example.jpg
Description: taylor_diag_rmse_example.jpg

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