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[ferret_users] error message when working with netcdf4 files

Hi all,

I am trying to 4 files in netcdf4 format. Reading the data
with the "use" statement and writing the variables into a single file
works well from the command line.

ferret -script join_files1.jnl

results in an error messages

ERROR: Cannot open pipe.

I get one error message for each variable to be written. The program continues and the resulting file seems to
be correct.

The same message appears, when join_files1 is calles as go-script.

I am using
FERRET v6.71
Linux 2.6.32-131.6.1.el6.x86_64 64-bit - 08/08/11

at a sled-11 machine.

Does this indicate a serious error?

Martin Schmidt

use rregionocean_day3d_born_r_netcdf4.nc
use rregionocean_day3d_born_t_netcdf4.nc
use rregionocean_day3d_born_u_netcdf4.nc
use rregionocean_day3d_born_w_netcdf4.nc
save/clobber/file=rregionocean_day3d_born.nc/d=1 RHO, POT_RHO, PRESS
save/append/file=rregionocean_day3d_born.nc/d=2 RHO_DZT, temp, POT_TEMP, SALT
save/append/file=rregionocean_day3d_born.nc/d=3 RHO_DZU, u, v
save/append/file=rregionocean_day3d_born.nc/d=4 WRHOT
save/append/file=rregionocean_day3d_born.nc/d=4 AVERAGE_T1, AVERAGE_T2, AVERAGE_DT

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