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Re: [ferret_users] "auto file completion" with Ferret v6.8

Denise and Ansley,

I guess there is a workaround.  Here,

> yes? set data ./HadISST_sst.nc

you needed to quote the path in double quotation marks since
the path contains a slash.  That is,

  yes? set data "./HadISST_sst.nc"

should have worked.

So, I wonder what happens if you start
the filename with a double quotation mark as in

  yes? set data "Ha   <-- Hit TAB here.

Does it give you a completion

  yes? set data "./HadISST_sst.nc

or even

  yes? set data "./HadISST_sst.nc"

?  If so, that is a workaround.

> The readline library that we link with may be different than what
> was used in the previous build on the Mac.

I'm not sure if this is related, but I see the same behavior
(completion prepending the current directory) on gnuplot .
But, that's because gnuplot doesn't or can't use the GNU libreadline
because of a licensing issue. (It uses its own readline clone,
I've heard.)  Could the Mac version of Ferret happen to use
a non-GNU readline?


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