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Re: [ferret_users] "auto file completion" with Ferret v6.8

Hi Denise,
The readline library that we link with may be different than what was used in the previous build on the Mac. I can see where that is inconvenient. We'll be working on the PyFerret build of Ferret, and as we do that we'll have a look at this issue.

It is doing auto-completion, but what it's doing is adding the path to the file name. Ferret needs path names with slashes to be inside a set of quotation marks. If you put in opening quotes, it'd work,

yes? set data "Ha

Or, just go back and get rid of that ./ Not that this is very helpful - command completion is convenient because you're using it as you type along.


On 7/24/2012 7:06 AM, Denise L Worthen wrote:
I've just updated to v6.8 on MacOSx 10.6.x. I use the bash shell.

Previously, "auto file completion" worked fine within a ferret session. (Auto file completion refers to typing the first couple of letters of a file name, followed by a tab, which returns a list of matching file names and so forth until the one file name desired is the only result.)

After updating to v6.8, file completion no longer works. Instead, typing the first couple of letters of a file name results in a list of files preceded by a "./" and then an error message like so:

  	FERRET v6.81
  	Darwin 9.8.0 - 07/23/12
  	24-Jul-12 10:01

yes? set data Ha + tab
yes? set data ./HadISST_sst.nc
  **TMAP ERR: Is a directory
              Data set: ./.


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