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Re: [ferret_users] 3 day running mean


>  I am having daily spatial SST data. I want to make 3day running
> mean and make more gapless data. So, I used sst[l=@sbx:3]
> command. But unfortunately, it is not working. After applying that
> it is saying "no valid data" for all days. But more or less some
> data is there at all times in the original data.

If I understand your situation correctly, I think what you need is NOT
smoothing but interpolation.   See the "filler" operators such as


I think you obtained the result you did, because a smoother operator
(of which sbx is one) requires all the n datapoints within the
smoothing window are defined,  where "n" is the number after the colon
in "l=@sbx:n".


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