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[ferret_users] Color filling contours in Plate Caree projection - problem

Hi Felow Ferret Users, 

I would appreciate a pointer to resolve my problem. I need to make frames for Google Earth animation, which requires Simple Cylindrical projection a.k.a. Plate Caree. 

I developed Ferret script, that can do waterer I want for Polar Stereographic projection (I draw polar areas with ice coverage). It includes 

- data reading
- plotting land contours and map mesh  
- plotting color-filled contours with custom palette
- overplotting isocontours on the top of this map

The very same script with a single line change (projection change) refuses to plot the color-filled contours, while all other operations are performed OK, including map, mesh, and overpotting of isocontours in the end. The line I am changing is 

go mp_stereographic_north -42.5

instead I use 

go mp_plate_carree -42.5 

and subsequently comment out 

go mp_aspect 

which (commenting out or leaving in the scripts of this second comand) results in predicable response and does not affect the main problem)

Any similar experiences and/or ways to resolve the problem?

Also, working scripts with Plate Caree utilization for color contouring in polar regions could be of great help. I am not stick to my script, I easily can use another one that would make Simple Cylindrical operational.

Great thanks to everyone responding,
Sergei Maurits

Dr. Sergei Maurits, HPC Specialist
Arctic Region Supercomputing Center
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Fairbanks, AK 99775-6020
907 450 8697 voice   907 450 8604 fax.

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