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Re: [ferret_users] time axis tics

1) set the time axis tic label intervals with PPL TXLINT:

ppl txlint,small_tic_interval,large_tic_interval

2) set the starting and ending time of the axis explicitly with PPL TIME:

ppl time,wyyyymmddhhmm,wyyyymmddhhmm

3) set the text size of axis titles with PPL LABSET:

ppl labset,main_title_size,xlab_size,ylab_size,standard_label_size

(And note that standard_label_size also gives the size of vector key labels)

=> Number 1 above is a persistent command (like PPL AXLINT). The other two must be given for each plot, between PLOT/SET and PPL PLOT.

Billy K

On 11 Apr 2011, at 9:09 AM, golla nageswararao wrote:

Hi all,
I am not able to customize time axis. I am sending a time axis in the attachment. I want to know how to plot time axis with only 7 minor tics (3 hourly) in between two major tics. I also used PLL txtype day,hr but the problem is that by default it is plotting with the day beginning (00hr). I dont want that. I want to start from my data beginning only (1830 hr). How to do that? I feeling that tackling time axis in ferret is somewhat difficult. Can anybody help in this regard.

My second doubt is ppl xlab and ppl ylab commands are giving labeling but how to increase the text font size of that labeling?

Thanks in advance.

With Best regards,
<time axis.doc>

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