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Re: [ferret_users] question about define axis t

Hi -
In your FILE command, do you have quotes around the list of variable names? It should look like,

file=/g=mygrid/var="lon, lat, value01, value02, ..."  ascii_file.txt

On 3/18/2011 8:29 AM, Otacilio Leandro wrote:

I've got a data with 2D (x and y) climatological monthly temperature
over continental areas and i got some trouble at using it on ferret.
The data are separated by one file per year and i used the function
scat2gridgauss_xy to correctly read the data over the continent.
My goal with this data is create a cdf file varing at time (each
"timestep" is one month of the data).

I defined the axis this way:

define axis/x=-179.8:179.8:0.5/units=degrees xlon
define axis/y=-89.75:89.75:0.5/units=degrees ylat
define axis/t=1:1:1 axist

define grid/x=xlon/y=ylat/t=axist mygrid

But when i used

file=/g=mygrid/var= lon, lat, value01, value02 ... etc , ascii-file.txt

all values of the orignal data are exchanged for 12.8 as you can see below.

Here is the stat of my variable:

             LONGITUDE: 179.9E(-180.1) to 179.9E(179.9)
             LATITUDE: 90S to 90N
             Z:  N/A
             T: 1
             DATA SET: air_temp2009/air_temp.1900

  Total # of data points: 259200 (720*360*1*1)
  # flagged as bad  data: 259194
  Minimum value: 12.8
  Maximum value: 12.8
  Mean    value: 12.8 (unweighted average)
  Standard deviation: 7.178999E-07

I also tryed to regrid the variable using

let temp = tmp[g=mygrid]

but it also showed problems because the time axis is missing at temp variable.

The way i defined the t axis is correct? The reason that i want a time
axis on my variable is to use NCO to concatened all cdfs that im going
to create. I tested using file without time axis and got an error from

I'm using:

        FERRET v6.64
        Linux rh5 (gfortran) 2.6.18-164.11.1.el5 - 09/20/10

Thanks for the help.

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