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[ferret_users] conform variables and how to catch common sizes of region

Hi all,

Is there a way to catch common sizes of region
between variables ?

Here is an example and its error message.

yes? use piControl2_18000101_23391231_1M_tops.nc
yes? use piControl2_18000101_20491231_1M_topl.nc
yes? let A=tops+topl
yes? list A[i=30,j=40]
 **ERROR: inconsistent sizes of data regions: T axis
          TOPL[D=2] has 3000 points (L=0001:3000)
          expression has 6480 points (L=0001:6480)

I understand perfectly that the 2 components of the variable A
are not conform but how to get the result of this error to process
their common size of region on T axis, here L=0001:3000
and then be able to do for example
yes? save/l=0001:3000 A

Note that I research the most general way to do this and
so I cannot "simply" get lend from topl and tops and calculate
the minimum because variable A may be the combinaison of n variables.

Let me know If I have been clear enough and if there is
a workaround I have missed.


Data Analysis and Visualization Engineer
IPSL Global Climate Modelling Group

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