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Re: [ferret_users] wHDF not supported on this platform

Hi Martin,

| you could use animation on the fly:
| use coads_climatology
| repeat/l=1:12/anim/loop=10 shade sst
| However, this requires that your X-server supports a virtual fram
| buffer, i.e. "backing store" must be enabled.

Thanks for the suggestion.  It sounds really promising and must be
the way to go.  But, it doesn't work for unknown reasons, even though
Backing Store is enabled.  The first frame is briefly displayed and
is followed by white (empty) frames.  I tested Ferret 6.30 and 6.61 .
I use the "testing" distribution of Debian.

| This does not work for example with the latest ferret release for
| AIX, even if -bs is set for the X-server.
| For linux (suse distribution) this works fine if there is a line
| Option "backingstore" "true"
| in XF86Config. However, in the latest suse release (11) this nice
| feature is broken. The developers of kde
| with the "plasma" features do not care about backing store. If you
| switch on backing store your screen freezes
| soon. Searching the forums and help areas there are answers like
| "Who needs this - switch it off ... :-(

Familiar to me, but I don't know those things well enough to
understand why backing store isn't an important feature any longer
to most applications.

| Virtual machines often do not support backing store too. So it would
| be great, if some other solution could be found.
| Another way is to use whirlgif and gifview
| rm sst.gif*
| ferret -gif
| yes? use coads_climatology
| yes? repeat/l=1:12 (shade/lev=(-2,32,1) sst;fill/over/lev=(-2,32,1)
| sst;go fland 20;frame/file=sst.gif)
| quit
| mv sst.gif sst.gif.~12~
| ls sst.gif.* | sort -t~ +1 -n  > gifs.cmd
| whirlgif -o sst.gif -loop -i gifs.cmd 
| gifview -a  sst.gif 

Thanks.  I didn't know gifview; whenever I needed to view a GIF
animation, I used a webbrowser to open it!


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