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[ferret_users] wHDF not supported on this platform

Hi Ferret users,

Ferret 6.61 exits with error "wHDF not supported on this platform".

  bash$ ferret
          NOAA/PMEL TMAP
          FERRET v6.61  
          Linux rh5 (gfortran) 2.6.18-164.11.1.el5 - 04/28/10
          30-Jun-10 11:18     
  yes? set data levitus_climatology
  yes? fill/l=1/k=1 temp
  yes? frame
  wHDF not supported on this platform

I'm reporting this mainly as an instance of Ferret "crash".
A FRAME command without qualifiers isn't terribly important
to me.  I was just using it as a means of reducing the
flickering of on-the-fly animation:

  yes? repeat/l=1:120 (fill/l=1/k=1 temp)        !! flickers.
  yes? repeat/l=1:120 (fill/l=1/k=1 temp; frame) !! Easier to see.

(Is there an alternative?)


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