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Re: [ferret_users] How can I use ferret to plot a shading (or stippling) area

Hi Ansley, Thomas and nuncio,

Thank you for your kind help. I can plot it now.



Hi Thomas and Liya,
There are also "pattern" palettes for overlaying one of several patterns on a color plot. See

yes? go pattern_demo

(This capability is not available in gif mode or batch postscript mode. See the notes in the Users Guide section under Pattern.)

So in Thomas's example you could do
fill temp fill/over/palette=black/pattern=tiny_squares significance Ansley

Thomas Froelicher wrote:
Hi Liya,

please find below the commands to plot a stippling area which is
statistical significant for two fields

! Define mask (1) for significance
let significance = if ... gt 0.95 then 1 else 0

let lon = x[gx=temp] + 0*y[gy=temp]
let lat = 0*x[gx=temp] + y[gy=temp]

fill temp plot/nolab/vs/over/sym=dot/color=black significant*lon, significant*lat



Liya Jin wrote:
Dear Ferreters,

I have two questions that ask for your kind help:

1) How can I use ferret to plot a shading (or stippling) area which is
statistical significant difference (e.g. 95% significant level using a
student's-test) for two fields (e.g. temperature or precipitation)
that overlay the 2D figure?

2) How can I set the palette to get an inverse colorscale with high
and low values reversed?



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