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[ferret_users] unlimited axis on z?

Hi ferreters
I have a huge file that I want to extract/regrid and write in a new file
with a double loop on time and level axes like below (a single loop on
time won't work because of insufficient memory even with the "set memory"
but there is a problem on z-axis, since it's not unlimited as the t-axis.
So on the second step on z, the error message appears. Any idea what I
could do to make the z-axis unlimited too?
Thanks for your help

 yes? set da "u.mc"
 yes? sh da
     currently SET data sets:
    1> u.mc  (default)
 name     title                       I         J         K         L
 U        Eastward wind component     1:480     1:241     1:37      1:30436
 yes? repeat/l=1:1406 (repeat/k=20:37 (save/file="u.nc"/app u);)
!-> REPEAT: L=1
!-> REPEAT: K=20
 LISTing to file u.nc
!-> REPEAT: K=21
 LISTing to file u.nc
 **TMAP ERR: Requested data range is outside of data set limits
             Expected: U[K=21:21] Found: U[K=20:20]
LIST/FORMAT=CDF/file="/homedata/nguyen/ERAI/u.nc"/app u
Command file, command group, or REPEAT execution aborted

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