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Re: [ferret_users] contour line dissapears when using the shakey to enlarge the color key label

Hi Jean,

| Here is more detailed explanation: 
| 1) use levitus_climatology
| 2) shade/line/key/ k=1/set temp 
|    -> do the shade + contour lines
| 3) ppl shakey ,,.12
| 4) ppl shade -> The contour lines haven't been drawn. 
|    if I skip set in step 2) , the contour lines show up in step 2.
| but once I executed step 4), I can see the contour lines disappear
| from the plot.

Ah, you are right.  I guess this is a bug of a sort on the part
of Ferret.  I think

  shade/line/key/k=1 temp !--(a)


  shade/line/key/k=1/set temp !--(b)
  ppl shade

should be equivalent.  But, as you point out, (b) doesn't
plot contour lines while (a) does.

So, to plot contours and enlarge shakey labels,
you would have to do something like this:

  use levitus_climatology
  fill/k=1/lev=(-Inf)(-2,29,1)(Inf)/set temp
    ppl shakey ,,.15
  ppl fill
  contour/k=1/lev=(-Inf)(-2,29,1)(Inf)/ov temp

I think this at least gives you the result you want,
although it's not as convenient as your "SHADE/LINE"
(I used "fill" in place of "shade" because if you 
 superimpose contour lines, the color boundaries
 of FILL agree with those of CONTOUR, but those
 of SHADE don't.)


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