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Re: [ferret_users] contour line dissapears when using the shakey to enlarge the color key label

Hi Jean,

| Thanks for your quick reply. After I use your script (with the
| "set") to re-do the plot, the contour lines are still not there. 
| I am trying to do a shade plus the contour (shade/line), but in the
| end, the "ppl shade" can only do the shade without the
| contour.

I see.  I misread your initial message.  If you want both shading and
contours, you need:

   use levitus_climatology
   shade/k=1 temp
   contour/k=1/ov temp

Notice the "ov" qualifier on the second line.
It tells Ferret to "overlay" contours on the
existing plot.


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