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Re: [ferret_users] Limitation of gif pixel?

Hi Ryo,

Thanks for your script, it works now. :)

Regards, dan

2009/11/6 Ryo Furue <furue@xxxxxxxxxx>
Hi Dan,

| Thanks for your suggestion.
| I know the ps file maybe the best solution for this kind of
| application. But if I try to produce a series of 2d time series
| plot, gif file naming seems easier than ps file, like
| gif:
| frame/file=test1_`l`.gif
| ps:
| ferret -batch test1_1.plt
| Fprint test1_1.plt
| ferret -batch test1_2.plt
| Fprint test1_2.plt
|      .......

I see your problem.

To solve it, I use a script that automatically generates
PostScript files from a set of metafiles.  I'm attaching
a simplified version of it for an example.

Suppose you make four plots.  Ferret will name them


in this order.  If you use my script as

 $ fer2ps

it will convert the metafiles in the current directory into


in the correct order.  You can change the prefix
from "metafile" to whatever you like, by a -p option
to the script as "fer2ps -p yourprefix".  I've added
an additional option "--pdf" that generates PDF files
instead of EPS files.

The script assumes that gksm2ps (and ps2pdf if you
use the --pdf option) is in the PATH.

Hope this helps,
The script uses temporary files and I haven't given
provisions for emergency exit, so that temporary files
may be left behind if you interrupt the script.

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