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[ferret_users] DAYS1900 function

Hi all,

I would like to compute boundaries of a truemonth (cal=gregorian)
starting in 1860.

I use the following lines (inspired from truemonth example in documentation)

LET start_year = 1860
LET nyears = 5
LET indices = L[L=1:`nyears*12`]
LET month = MOD(indices-1,12)+1
LET year = start_year + INT((indices-1)/12)

DEFINE AXIS/UNITS="seconds"/T0="01-JAN-1860"/EDGES truemonth = (DAYS1900(year,month,1)-DAYS1900(1860,1,1))*24*60*60

It works well.
But one can notice that I have used the function DAYS1900 with a year argument of 1860.

Is the function still correct in this case ?

It seems that this function calls a Vis5D function to make the computation. I cannot find it.

DATE1900(formatted date) Scalar function: converts a formatted date into Julian days since 1-Jan-1900.


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