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Re: [ferret_users] Error creating coord. vars: WRF output in Ferret 6.2

Hi all -
Hein and I exchanged some more details, and I have found that this is a bug, and we have a fix for it.

When the file doesn't include the coordinate variables (that is, Time, south_north, west_east are not listed as variables in the file, or are not returned from the netCDF/OPeNDAP library as variables), then Ferret v6.2 was not getting the axis name when it goes to write the coordinates when it does the SAVE. This is an easy fix, and it'll be in the upcoming Ferret release.


Hein Zelle wrote:
Dear Ferret users,

I'm running into a problem saving WRF output variables to a new file
using Ferret 6.2.  The problem does not occur with Ferret 6.1, and I
believe older versions didn't either.

I open a WRF output file which contains the following variable:

	float T2(Time, south_north, west_east) ;
		T2:FieldType = 104 ;
		T2:MemoryOrder = "XY " ;
		T2:description = "TEMP at 2 M" ;
		T2:units = "K" ;
		T2:stagger = "" ;
		T2:coordinates = "XLONG XLAT" ;
		:TRUELAT2 = 55.f ;

Axis definitions:

        Time = UNLIMITED ; // (289 currently)
        DateStrLen = 19 ;
        west_east = 99 ;
        south_north = 99 ;
        west_east_stag = 100 ;
        bottom_top = 27 ;
        south_north_stag = 100 ;
        bottom_top_stag = 28 ;
        soil_layers_stag = 5 ;

I try to save T2 to another file, and get the following:

yes? use wrfout_d01_2009-09-15_00:00:00.nc yes? save /file=testout.nc t2
 LISTing to file testout.nc
** netCDF error: Failed creating coord variable %%

As I mentioned, this works fine with Ferret 6.1.  Any ideas what might
be going wrong?  I can't get 6.2 to save any of the variables from
this netcdf file, it seems.  It does work if I open etopo20.cdf and
try to save the 'ROSE' variable to another file.

Kind regards,
     Hein Zelle

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