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Re: [ferret_users] probability density function

Hi Izidine,
Welcome to Ferret!

We need a bit more detail about what you want. Do you want to define a set of bins over the range of the precipitation values in the data, and count the number of values in each bin, then divide to get the relative density of values in each bin? Do you want your end result to still depend on x and y, but be sorted by time into the bins? Or would you just put all the data into one big set and operate on them all regardless of their location in x,y? How is the data organized in time? There are 31 values - are these days, or months, or what?

I'm sure we can help, please write back.


Izidine Pinto wrote:
Dear ferrets
I am new user of ferret and I want to make a PDF
of monthly rainfall
My variable description is:

name     title                             I         J         K         L
PRE PRECIP[GX=XRGRD,GY=YRGRD] 1:71 1:62 1:1 1:31

I have searched at mail archive but couldn't find answers I have no idea how to do. Any suggestion or material to read that cold help me?

Izidine Pinto

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