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Fwd: [ferret_users] how to open lots of files?

Hi Ferreters,

The problem is SODA data set has not enough information about time in its header. Therefore neither nc2mc or make_des tools are able to generate a suitable descriptor file.

The solution I thought is to calculate start-times and time-steps from SODA filenames, once it contains year and month information, then use it to compose the descriptor file.

Isabel, attached is the bash script I wrote to generate a descriptor file for SODA and the resultant descriptor file.

Hope it solve your problem.


2009/9/1 Isabel silveira <belitaps@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Dear all,

I've been working with oceanic data files from SODA v.2.0.2, those files are .cdf. There are 528 files and each one represents a single month. Is there any way to open them simultaneously using a single file, so that they'd follow a chronological order?? Something like a template file (GrADS)?

thanks for your attention,


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Paulo Santiago

Attachment: soda2des.sh
Description: Bourne shell script

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