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Re: [ferret_users] Climatology from split time series

Hi Ansley,

Thanks for your help. It's exactly the kind of solution what I was looking for. It's working fine to my MOM4 output.

However, I can't make it work to some data sets (such ERSST and SODA). It seems to be due to metadata extraction limitations from those scripts suggested in Ferret documentation.

Also, Ferret documentation is too short describing this subject. Is there further documentation about Multi CDF format? Where could I find it?

Best regards,
Paulo Santiago

2009/5/15 Ansley Manke <Ansley.B.Manke@xxxxxxxx>
Hi Paulo,
You can do this without creating a new file. You can use a Descriptor file to tell Ferret to use all the files as a single dataset, (or if the files can be put on an OPeNDAP server, then this can be done with an aggregation)

Look at the topic, Descriptor File in the Documentation:

There are some tools for creating a descriptor file using your list of files.  Once you have a descriptor file, you can open it in Ferret
yes? set data my_descriptor_file.des
and the entire time series is available to you to use in creating your climatology.

Paulo Santiago wrote:
Hi Ferreters,

I have a time series consisting in a month per file, with one time step per month. I would like to calculate a climatology from these data. Ferret's documentation mentions how to create a climatology only in the case of a single file containing the full time series.

I'm considering to concatenate the time series using NCO, but it will create an (possibly) unecessary very large file. Another idea is to read each month using a loop and then do the computations.

However, I was wondering if there were a more elegant way to compute this climatology, requiring less disk space and/or using a predefined Ferret command.

Any suggestion is welcome!

Paulo Santiago

Paulo Henrique Santiago de Maria

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