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Re: [ferret_users] slanted domain selection

Hi Prescilla,

| I am in need to select a slanted domain as my region, as in the
| attached figure.I wanted to to do my calculations within that domain
| only. If any of you know how to manage a slanted domain(is there any
| command?) selection using ferret, kindly teach me.

Your domain seems to have a simple analytical definition using
a set of inequalities such as  "y - 2 * x + 30 > 0",
where x is longitude and y is latitude.
(This equality is just for an illustration purpose. Don't use it.)
If so, you can "mask" your variables according to
those inequalities.  For example, if you want
to extract the domain "(x + 2*y -100 > 0) and (x + 2*y -300 < 0)",

yes? set data levitus_climatology
yes? let masked_temp \
      = if (x + 2*y -300 lt 0 and x + 2*y -100 gt 0) then temp
yes? fill/k=1 masked_temp

Hope this helps,

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