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[ferret_users] NaN handled?

Hi Ferret users,

I'm wondering how NaNs in a netCDF file are handled.
In the Ferret mailing list archive, I found a comment
that NaNs in a netCDF file are OK.  But, I get the attached
plot from

  yes? list/k=1 gvel_x_0

  [ . . . The field contains only "nan" and "0.0000" . . . ]

  yes? fill/k=1/lev=(-10,10,1) gvel_x_0

I expected NaN is treated as a missing_value.
(The variable gvel_x_0 doesn't have a missing_value or
_FillValue attribute, by the way.)

The Ferret I use is

        FERRET v6.2
        Linux(g77) 2.4.21-32 - 05/19/09
         7-Aug-09 16:20


GIF image

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