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Re: [ferret_users] problem with time regridding

Dear Ansley,
Thanks a lot!!!
In the process of saving a time series to send you...I found something else.

1) to generate the tserie to send you: plot --> WORKS!
set mem/size=300
ca data/all
ca win/all
use "/PATH/chlo_av_8day_1998"
let chlo=chl1_mean[x=20W:30W@AVE,y=20N:30N@AVE,d=1]
set win/new;plot chlo
DEFINE AXIS/T="01-jan-1998:00:00":"31-DEC-1998:00:00":`8`/UNITS=days my_taxis
plot/over chlo[gt=my_taxis]
save/file=chlo_tserie.cdf chlo

2) this WORKS evey time!
use chlo_tserie.cdf
DEFINE AXIS/T="01-jan-1998:00:00":"31-DEC-1998:00:00":`8`/UNITS=days my_taxis
plot chlo
plot/over chlo[gt=my_taxis]

3) This is the one that I would like to use: I type go test.jnl and it DOESN'T WORK!!!!
I just cannot understand what is happening.
set mem/size=300
ca data/all
ca win/all
use "/PATH/chlo_av_8day_1998"
DEFINE AXIS/T="01-jan-1998:00:00":"31-DEC-1998:00:00":`8`/UNITS=days my_taxis
set win/new
plot chl1_mean[d=1,x=20W:30W@AVE,y=20N:30N@AVE]
plot/over chl1_mean[d=1,x=20W:30W@AVE,y=20N:30N@AVE,GT=my_taxis]

It doesn't make any sense to attach the time series then, because that one works! And I would send you the original file but is a descriptor file.

I could just fix this by saving the time series, and working with that. But nonetheless, I would like to know what's going on.

Thank you!

Ansley Manke wrote:
Hi -
I think we need to try this with your data. As you say this is a common thing to do and we haven't had other reports of problems with regridding.

Could you save a single time series to a netCDF file, and send it to me with your script showing where things seem to go wrong? It works fine to just send netCDF files as email attachments.


Nidia Martinez wrote:

I've got a time series of data xxx, 8-day composite in time.
I would like to re-grid it to 7 days. I do this all the time and it works, but now for some reason that I can't understand, it doesn't. Even simpler. I tried to reproduce the original 8-day composite defining the same time axis: DEFINE AXIS/T="01-jan-1998:00:00":"31-DEC-1998:00:00":`8`/UNITS=days my_taxis
plot var; plot/over var[gt=my_taxis]
To my surprise, the regridded plot superposes perfectly *only* on the second half of the year. The first part goes crazy.
a) i tried this with some of my old time series and it still works
b) i checked the values with LIST and the first one is missing, the date is there but no value. c) it worked once! can this be? the first time I opened Ferret today it worked and I couldn't believe it, but after that it got spoiled again, no matter which version I use or how many times it opens. And I didn't change a thing. This last one sounds like a bug to me, but i don't think it can be a Ferret-bug if it works with other data.

Any ideas/suggestions? Please?

Thank you very much!
Kind regards,

Nidia Martinez Avellaneda
University of Hamburg
Institute of Oceanography
Grindelberg 5, 20144 Hamburg

Phone:   +49 (0)40 42838 7580
Fax      +49 (0)40 42838 4938
E-mail:  nidia.martinez@xxxxxxx

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