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[ferret_users] problem with time regridding


I've got a time series of data xxx, 8-day composite in time.
I would like to re-grid it to 7 days. I do this all the time and it works, but now for some reason that I can't understand, it doesn't. Even simpler. I tried to reproduce the original 8-day composite defining the same time axis: DEFINE AXIS/T="01-jan-1998:00:00":"31-DEC-1998:00:00":`8`/UNITS=days my_taxis
plot var; plot/over var[gt=my_taxis]
To my surprise, the regridded plot superposes perfectly *only* on the second half of the year. The first part goes crazy.
a) i tried this with some of my old time series and it still works
b) i checked the values with LIST and the first one is missing, the date is there but no value. c) it worked once! can this be? the first time I opened Ferret today it worked and I couldn't believe it, but after that it got spoiled again, no matter which version I use or how many times it opens. And I didn't change a thing. This last one sounds like a bug to me, but i don't think it can be a Ferret-bug if it works with other data.

Any ideas/suggestions? Please?

Thank you very much!
Kind regards,

Nidia Martinez Avellaneda
University of Hamburg
Institute of Oceanography
Grindelberg 5, 20144 Hamburg

Phone:   +49 (0)40 42838 7580
Fax      +49 (0)40 42838 4938
E-mail:  nidia.martinez@xxxxxxx

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