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[ferret_users] color contours and label color in overlay

Ferret users,

I'm wondering how to stop Ferret from changing label
colors.  For example,

  set data levitus_climatology
  fill/k=1 temp
  contour/k=1/color=green/nolabel/ov salt

This script gives green labels.  I don't know
which of the following is the reason,

1) NOLABEL doesn't work with overlay.
2) color=green changes the color of existing labels.
3) the phase of the moon.

But, anyway, this is a problem, especially when
you want to overlay white contours. . . .

A simple work around is to add another overlay
of missing values with color=black:

  contour/k=1/color=black/nolabel/ov salt + 1/0

I'm using

        FERRET v6.1
        Linux(g77) 2.6.9-22. - 03/26/08
        13-May-09 13:53


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