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[ferret_users] shade under the -gif mode

Hey Ferreters,

I ran into a pretty odd problem with shade plots under the -gif mode. I would create a gif image using the -gif command line switch (ferret -gif -script foo.jnl), with two viewports (left and right), and in each of which a shade plot. The plot in the first (left) viewport in the resultant gif file is perfectly fine. The color shades of the plot in the second (right) viewport, however, are offset. The problem is illustrated by the attached image, in which I plotted (shade/line/key.... frame/file=sst.gif) the same data on both viewports. In the right viewport, all shade colors are shifted by 5 degC. Such a problem doesn't exist in the Ferret session under the normal mode (on screen). I wonder if anyone can reproduce this problem. I use Ferret 6.1 on linux.

Here is the code:

\can mode verify

can data/a

use levitus_climatology

set view left
shade/line/key/nolab/pal=blue_darkred temp[k=1]

set view right
shade/line/key/nolab/pal=blue_darkred temp[k=1]


Thank you,

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