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[ferret_users] install

   I install ferret6.1 under  Red hat 5.3, error happens, who can tell how to do?

 This script can do two things for you to help install FERRET:
 (1) Install the FERRET executables into FER_DIR/bin from the
 compressed tar file you got (usually) via ftp.  You'll want to run this
 option if you're installing FERRET for the first time, and also if
 you're updating the FERRET you have with new executables.
 (2) Modify the shell script 'ferret_paths_template'
 to set environment variables FER_DIR and FER_DSETS to the directories
 at your site where the FERRET software and demonstration data are. 
 The resulting file will be named 'ferret_paths' and placed in a 
 directory you choose.  Executing the 'source' command on that
 file will set up a FERRET user's environment so that FERRET can be run.
 This option usually only needs to be run if you are installing FERRET
 on your system for the first time, and 'ferret_paths' is not yet set up.
 Enter your choice:
 (1) Install executables, (2) Customize 'ferret_paths', (3) Exit and do nothing
 (1,2, or 3) --> 1
 Install executables...
 Enter the complete path of the directory where the 'fer_environment'
 tar file was installed (FER_DIR). The location recommended
 in the FERRET installation guide was '/usr/local/ferret'. 
 FER_DIR --> /usr/local/ferret
 Enter the complete path of the directory where you put the
 'fer_executables' tar file.
 'fer_executables.tar.Z' location --> /home/xhb/software/ferret
 Moving to /usr/local/ferret/bin...
README_`/bin/date +'%d%h%y'|tr '[A-Z]' '[a-z]'`: Ambiguous.

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