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[ferret_users] merging files with different underline grids


Somehow the model output of the same variable yield two different
underline grids for different years (see the info on the grids at the end
of this message). As the result, I am not able to use the same variable
from those different years directly. I have tried to re-grid the variable
to one of the two grids but without success.

Defining a new grid may help. However, how do I define a grid that would
apply to both grids (one is using i,j indices and the other lon and lat)?

I would like to retain the lons and lats of grid GLJ2 but the time axis of
grid GNG7 if possible.

Appreciate any help or suggestion!

Also appreciate if someone could offer an explanation as to why the same
model could output the files using two different grids and anything I can
do to keep this from happening (I am running the model on NASA colombia).


--- Peng

yes? use 20030101.ocean_daily.nc
yes? use 20040101.ocean_daily.nc

yes? sho grid eta_t[d=1]
 name       axis              # pts   start                end
 XT_OCEAN  X                  360 r   1                    360
 YT_OCEAN  Y                  200 r   1                    200
 normal    Z
 TIME      TIME               365 i   01-JAN-1993 00:00    31-DEC-2003 12:00
yes? sho grid eta_t[d=2]
 name       axis              # pts   start                end
 XT_OCEAN1 LONGITUDE          360mr   80.5E(-279.5)        79.5E
 YT_OCEAN1 LATITUDE           200 i   81.5S                89.5N
 normal    Z
 TIME1     TIME               366 r   01-JAN-2004 12:00    31-DEC-2004 12:00

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