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[ferret_users] error in dynamic_height.jnl

Hi all!
I'm using the script dynamic_height.jnl with the following definitions:
  currently SET data sets:
    1> ./sal_2008_247_00.nc
 name     title                             I           J            K         L
 SAL        SAL                          1:369     1:401     1:132     1:1
    2> ./temp08_247_00.nc  (default)
 name     title                             I           J            K         L
 Temp     temp                        1:369     1:401     1:132     1:1

yes? sho grid SAL[d=1]
 name       axis                    # pts            start                        end
 LON       LONGITUDE          369mi          59.77W(-59.77)       29.103W(-29.103)
 LAT       LATITUDE              401 i             39.88S               10.168S
 TEMPZ   DEPTH (m)             132 i-                  0                    5600
 MT        TIME                         1 r     03-SEP-2008 00:00     03-SEP-2008 00:00

yes? let DYN_S = SAL[D=1]

yes? let DYN_T = Temp[D=2]

yes? let DYN_P = Z[G=Temp[D=2]]

yes? SET REGION/Z=0:1000
yes?  go dynamic_height.jnl
cancel mode verify      ! defining dynamic height terms
1) Use LET to define three variables:
dyn_S   -   your salinity          (PPT/1000 - 1)
dyn_T   -   your temperature       (degrees C)
dyn_P   -   your pressure          (millibars) (or depth in meters)
note: if you use "Z" for pressure use the G= syntax e.g. Z[G=TEMP]
so that FERRET knows which Z axis to use

2) Use the SET REGION command to specify the depth of zero motion
e.g. SET REGION/Z=0:1000 to set 1000 meters as the zero motion depth

3) Results will be available as the following LET variables:
Result                         XY plane    XZ or YZ plane
---------                      --------    --------------
Dynamic height (dynamic cm)     DYN_HT        DYN_HTz
Geostriphic velocity(cm/sec)  GEO_U,GEO_V   GEO_Uz,GEO_Vz
4) Examples: yes? CONTOUR/X=160e:160w/y=10s:10n DYN_HT   <-- in the XY plane
or           yes? CONTOUR/X=180/Y=10S:10n DYN_HTz        <-- in the YZ plane
The difference in dynamic height between two depths (pressure levels)
may be expressed as e.g. z=500m to 1000m --> DYN_HT[Z=500:1000]
But when I type the command below I have an error
yes? CONTOUR/X=-36/Y=-30:-23 DYN_HTz
 *** NOTE: Ambiguous coordinates on Z axis: 1/RHO_UN(DYN_S,DYN_T,DYN_P) - 1/RHO_UN(35,0,DYN_P)
 *** NOTE: Ambiguous coordinates on Z axis: 1E5 * DYN_MASK * (SVANOM[Z=@DIN]-SVANOM[Z=@IIN])
**ERROR: dimensions improperly specified: must be a 2D region
          CONTOUR/X=-36/Y=-30:-23 DYN_HTz

Does anyone know what is wrong ?

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