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[ferret_users] Masking a file variable and append

Dear ferreters,

I want to apply a mask to a variable where it is equal to zero and then append the change to the same file. I use the following script, but the resulting file remains unchanged. What do I do wrong and what should I do?

use grid_spec.nc
set list/format=cdf
set memory/size=100
set variable/bad=0 depth_t
define att/type=float depth_t.missing_value = -1.e34

The change is done after the line 'define attribute/...', i.e. the attribute is correctly shown when I type 'show data/attr' and the variable is effectively masked. However, the change is not saved to the file. The original file has a lot of variables (about a hundred) and I don't want to list them all.


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