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[ferret_users] Why polygon fills unexpected regions?

Dear ferret users,

I try to use polygon command as land region to cover the interpolated variable to avoid misunderstanding.
The scripts works fine when I use normal mode (which shows on the screen with X env.)
However, when I try to produce gif file with gif mode (ferret -gif),
scripts still works fine but polygon cut unexpected regions in my plot.

I attach 2 figures to show the difference, first one is site1_01.gif which is produced by ferret -gif mode,
can easily found the salinity field was cut by polygon which suppose only to overwrite the land region.

normal.bmp is under normal mode ferret and extracted by print-screen.

Any suggestions?


Attachment: site1_01.gif
Description: GIF image

Attachment: normal.bmp
Description: Windows bitmap

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