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Re: [ferret_users] overlay symbols on new grid

Hi, Ryo

Yes, your script does exactly what I wanted it to do.  
Thanks for taking the time to see my bug in the grid definition.

> Hi Dan,
> | I am trying to overlay symbols on my line plot for normalized
> | horizontal wind speed (u/u0) across a shelterbelt region.  The
> | problem comes with my reformatted axes in the x and z coordinates as
> | I am normalizing the original coordinate (m) by the height of my
> | windbreak (H=10m).  My model domain has a dx of 1.5 m and a
> | dz of 1.0 m so that is why in the jnl file the increments are
> | different for creating my normalized x and z axes.  Ferret does not
> | overlay the symbols directly on my 'wsp' curve. (see figure).  How
> | do I best set up my normalized grid using the @asn transformation
> | (or any other technique) if I also want to
> | overlay symbols on my line plots?  
> I'm not sure if I understand your problem correctly, but,
> guessing your intention, I modified your script like this:
>   !--- opart2.jnl ---
>   use onlywsp.nc
>   define axis/x=-60:100.2:0.15 x2
>   define axis/z=0.03:30.03:0.1 z2
>   define grid/like=wsp/x=x2/z=z2 gxz2
>   let newwsp = wsp[g=gxz2@asn]
>   plot/k=2/x=-60:105 newwsp
>   plot/sym=02/k=2/x=-60:105/ov newwsp[x=-60:100.2:5]
> and obtained the attached plot.  I guess you wanted
> the line and symbols align?
> Hope this helps,
> Ryo

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