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[ferret_users]plotting transect along the deepest depth (i.e thalweg)

Dear Ferret Users,

I would like to make a transect plot of temperature (from south to north)
following the deepest depth from my 3D netcdf file.

I have searched the e-mail list, but I could not find any clue.
I tried to modify the one of the script in FAQ, but without success

my simple script is below,

use temperature_3z.nc
LET kvals = k[G=temperature] + 0*temperature
let kzero = kvals - kvals[K=1:`temperature,RETURN=kend`@MAX,I=1:`temperature,RETURN=iend`@max]
LET integrand = TEMPERATURE* kzero[k=@WEQ:0]

Could you please help, how can I generate 2D transect along the thalweg?
Thank you very much in advance.

Murat Gunduz

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