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[ferret_users] How does the noaxis qualifier work?

Hi Ferret users,

I'm wondering if this is what's expected with noaxis:

  set data levitus_climatology
  let allmissing = if (salt gt 1e8) then 1
  fill/k=1/noaxis/nolabel/nokey temp !! Plot temperature.
  fill/k=1/nolabel/ov allmissing     !! Plot axes only.

I meant to omit axes in the plotting of temperature
and to add axes later.  As you can see, however,
the fourth line plots only the frame and the numerical
labels on the x-axis.

I thought that plotting axes last is the cleanest way
when you overlay many plots.  (It seems that "normal"
overlays plot axes and numeric labels over and over again.)
Also, in one of my plots, an overlay actually mangled
the x-axis by overlaying different numeric labels than
preceding plotting commands plotted.  This was the actual
motivation for me to explore the possibility of plotting
axes separately.  But I haven't been able to reproduce this
oddity in a simple case, and I'll leave it at that for now.


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