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[ferret_users] grid offset?

One of the scripts I use doesn't work correctly ferret v6.  Basically
the left most column and bottom row come out as white, so I get a row of
white on the left and bottom edge of my plots.  Running the exact same
script in ferret v5.80, it works fine.  It's a custom grid read in from
a file, so the plotting commands looks like:

let diff = var_sim[i=6:33,j=6:33]-var_obs[i=6:33,j=6:33]
fill/level=(-10,10,1)/pal=light_centered/nolabel/set diff,x_page,y_page
ppl shakey ,,,,,,,,1.40,5.25; ppl fill
go mp_land_proj 1 " " 1 1

When I list diff, x_page, and y_page they're all 28x28.

Any idea why this is happening?  Did some protocol change between the
two versions?  Thanks for the help.


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