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Re: [ferret_users] remove zero from x-axis

Hi Steve -

Your idea of having an axis that includes zero, but setting those values to bad, is best. There IS a zero between -1 and 1, and if you have no values there, it should be blank.

But I guess I have a hard time with an axis that goes from negative values to positive without including zero! Suppose I wanted an axis that went from 5 to 10 but omitted 6? You are asking to fundamentally change the number line! It is hard to understand what application would demand such a radical move. (The changeover from standard to daylight savings time is one I can think of. The lack of a year zero in the Christian calendar would be another. Both perennial sources of discombobulation among otherwise intelligent people.)

If you must have such a plot, one way to do this would be to make 2 separate plots, one on a -6 to -0.5 axis and axis, and the other on a +0.5 to +6 axis. Butt them together, using ppl axset to remove the right y-axis from the first and the left y-axis from the second. Then you can thoroughly confuse anyone looking at a plot with an axis that appears to count incorrectly.

I think you will have a hard time getting this past the reviewers.

Billy K

On Oct 12, 2006, at 8:13 AM, guimond@coaps.fsu.edu wrote:

Hi Jaison,
Thank you for your suggestion. This procedure basically "whites out" the 0.0, which is good but not ideally what I was looking for. There is a large gap between -1 and 1 where the "0.0" used to be and that may be interpreted wrongly when someone looks at the graph. It looks like 0.0 has values associated with it, when in reality it does not exist on my axis. I may just assign missing values to 0.0, so there is a line of white above 0.0. Any other suggestions?


Quoting Jaison Kurian <jaison@caos.iisc.ernet.in>:

Hi Steve,
         A weird solution to your problem...make a label
"0.0" exactly at the postion of X axis 0 in the background
color ! Here is an example..

For the default plot, the background color is white. So
define a new "ppl color" with values "99,99,99" (which
is better than using "100,100,100" with most of the file

 def axis/x xax={-6,-5,-4,-3,-2,-1,1,2,3,4,5,6}
 def axis/y=50:1000:50 yax

 let var =sin(x[gx=xax]) + sin(y[gy=yax])

 fill/set var
   ppl xfor (f4.1)
 ppl fill
 ppl color 6,99,99,99
 label 0,0,0,0,0.10,@C0060.0  ! no space between "@C006" and "0.0"

You may have to tune the "Y" value for label to get it at right

Hope this helps,


On Wed, 11 Oct 2006 guimond@coaps.fsu.edu wrote:

Hi Ferreters,
  I defined an xaxis like so:

def axis/x xax={-6,-5,-4,-3,-2,-1,1,2,3,4,5,6}

When I go to plot my data, "0" still shows up on the xaxis which I
would like to remove.  Any ideas?

Thanks Much,

Stephen R. Guimond
Graduate Research Assistant
Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies (COAPS)
Tallahassee, FL 32304



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