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[ferret_users] Sample a field along a set of line segments?

I want to sample a field along a line defined by a set of (x,y) points. Clearly I could use SAMPLEXY to extract the values at the given points, but I want to, in effect, draw straight lines between those points and sample all along those lines.

It is necessary to say how densely I want to sample, that is, how many intermediate points to add in between the given ones. Suppose I want to add an intermediate point at each value of the x-grid of the field to be sampled. As an example, suppose I have two points (155,7) and (158,13), and my background grid is 1 by 1, on integers. The points I want to add would be (156,9) and (157,11). How can I find those points and augment my original set to include them? Then I can use SAMPLEXY to sample the field.

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