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[ferret_users] Regridding monthly data to daily time scale

Hi Users,

Can any one tell, how to interpolate a monthly data to a daily time scale ???

i tried out with the transformation @FLN but its not working..

use my_data.nc

! given my monthly data a proper time axis
define axis/t=15-jan-2005:15-dec-2005:30/units=days t30dy
LET my_30dy_var = my_var[gt=t30dy@asn]

! regrid this data by daily Interpolation
define axis/t=15-jan-2005:15-dec-2005:1/units=days t1day
LET my_1dy_var = my_30dy_var[gt=t1day@FLN]

Please help me to sort out this problem...

Thanks in Advance..
Murali Krishna

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