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[ferret_users] Problem on FINDHI function

Hi all,

I'm trying to find the high values of a variable on my netcdf file. The variable is a four dimensional potential temperature field (temp(x,y,z,t)).
I go to have the maximum values using the @MAX function but I didn't got to localize them using the FINDHI functio. I simply did the following:

yes? use ocean_month.nc
yes? show data
TEMP Potential temperature 1:360 1:200 1:50 1:11

yes? findhi(temp[z=0,x=-180:180,y=-90:90,l=1:11])
**ERROR: command syntax: findhi(temp[z=0,x=-180:180,y=-90:90,l=1:11])

What I'm doing wrong?

Thanks for the help,


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