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[ferret_users] difference in on-screen and saved postscript output

Hello Ferret Users,

I am using Ferret v5.81 on Linux.

I run a script to save a plot in postscript format.

In the script I do


Script works fine and on screen I get all the above three.

BUT, when I exit ferret and check .ps file then I get only above two (fill, countour/ov), the line plotted with 'plot/ov' command is missing in .ps output.

Here I have attached my script, kindly help where I am doing mistake.

Many thanks,


Dr. Yogesh K. Tiwari,
Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology Pune,
New Delhi Branch,
Prof. Ram Nath Vij Marg,
R-block, New Rajinder Nagar,
(Near Durga Mandir)
New Delhi-110060

Tel.:- 0091-11-28743976 (O)
        0091 - 9910059155 (Cell)

Attachment: script.jnl
Description: Binary data

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