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[Ferret] contour/overlay draws extra, unwanted horizontal line

Hi ferret users;

I found that contour/overlay draws extra, unwanted horizontal line, when it's used with the fill
routine. The extra line doesn't show up in the screen display. Only when the screen display is saved
with "frame/file=depth_20_7985.gif", the extra, unwanted horizontal line shows up.

Here is my script:

use ts_7985
let depth=temp[z=@loc:20];
fill/y=20s:20n/x=165w/LEVELS="(60,260,20)" depth
contour/y=20s:20n/x=165w/spacing=0.8/LEVELS="(60,260,20) DASH(60,140,20)" depth

The extra line shows up whenever the contour/overlay is called, so I end up having
three extra horizontal lines when using the following script. Maybe I didn't use the
contour/overlay routine properly. Do you know what went wrong?

contour/Z=0:450/x=165W/y=0/LEVELS=(8,30,2) temp
contour/over/Z=0:450/x=165W/y=0/LEVELS="(9) DASH(9)" temp
contour/over/Z=0:450/x=165W/y=0/LEVELS="(27) DASH(27)" temp
contour/over/Z=0:450/x=165W/y=0/LEVELS="(29) DASH(29)" temp



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