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how do I reverse lat. axis for binary data?

I'm quite sure there's an easy answer to this but I've looked at the manual and I can't see it.

I'm reading some binary data that's ordered north to south. If I do:

def axis/x=-179.5:179.5:1/unit=degree xax
def axis/y=89.5S:89.5N:1/unit=degree yax
def grid/x=xax/y=yax gg
file/var=depth/grid=gg/format=stream mydat.bin
shade depth

It works fine except the plot is "outside down" in the sense the NH is plotted as the SH.

I was expecting to solve this by just doing this:

def axis/y=89.5N:89.5S:-11/unit=degree yax
(i.e. reverse the latitude axis)

but Ferret doesn't like it:
**ERROR: invalid command: DEFINE AXIS/DEPTH needs /Z=lo:hi:del

How do I reverse the latitude axis?


(I just know I'm going to kick myself when I find out).

Dr. Glenn Carver, Centre for Atmospheric Science, Univ. of Cambridge,
Chemistry Dept., Lensfield Road, Cambridge, CB2 1EW, UK.

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