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shifting specification of climatological time axis

	I'm working with climatologies and I've got two questions:
stats data
            TIME: 16-DEC      12:00 to 16-DEC      00:00
stats data[l=7]
gives me:
TIME: 01-JUL      00:00
I'm assuming that the above means that the climatological time axis is
centered on the beginning of months. What I need is a climatology
that gives mean monthly values (ie centered in the middle of
months). I tried to define an appropriate time axis:
define axis/T0=15-Jan-0000/T=1-jan-0000:31-dec-0000:30.437/unit=day tclim
stats data[l=1, gt=tclim]
             TIME: 01-JAN      00:00
 Total # of data points: 259200 (720*360*1*1)
 # flagged as bad  data: 259200

Obviously, this is not working. So how do I regrid the data to mid-month
centering? (BTW, the description of axis/T0 is not clear in the ferret
users guide)


Lev Tarasov -   Dept of Physics, University of Toronto,
                60 St. George St., Toronto, Ontario, CANADA, M5S 1A7
                Tel (519)-821-3555  Fax (416)-978-8905
                email: lev@atmosp.physics.utoronto.ca

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