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Ambiguous coordinates on T axis

How can I avoid this ambiguity on the time axis when I'm dealing with 2 datasets?
I guess it's confused since it dosen't know which T axis to average over.
In this case the time periods are the same so the ambiguity doesn't matter, but if I want
to specify different time periods in each dataset how can I do this?

yes? use agltHistoric.cdf
yes? use agltCENT.cdf
yes? shade/T="01-JAN-1994":"12-DEC-1994" aglt[D=1,L=@AVE]-aglt[D=2,L=@AVE]

*** NOTE: Ambiguous coordinates on T axis: AGLT[D=1,L=@AVE]-AGLT[D=2,L=@AVE]

Thanks for any help on this.

Steve Knox
Colorado State University

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